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Ash Wednesday celebrated today and its importance.

Today is the Ash Wednesday day in which countries occupied by christians celebrates it.

Christians celebrates ash Wednesday every year.Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of lent.In 2022,ash Wednesday falls on march 2.

The verses which are used in this day are for example Genesis 3:19 which says " remember you are dust and to dust you shall return".Here christians understand that the first day in the book of Genesis a man was made from dust and he will return to the dust when he died.

The importance of the ash Wednesday is that it units christians,as an outward sign of grief,a mark of humility, mourning,penance and morality.It reflects the originality of humankind which helps them to remember where they came from and where they are going.Ash Wednesday promotes fasting which enhances the relationship between Christians and God.

Today as it marks the ash day Wednesday many services in the church will be long and focuses the christians on the heart repentance and prayer which is usually through personal and communal confession during the will have the long periods of silence.

Ashes are prepared by burning palm branches.lent has been observed since apostolic times though not formalized,but now it is formalized and respected.

Many foods like meat,fish,eggs and butter is forbidden to be eated by many churches especially catholics during the ash day.Only one meal is accepted to be taken on the ash day according to most of the churches.happy Ash Wednesday day to all christians as you celebrate.

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