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Why You Should Date A Godly Partner

PRAYER. They are aware of the benefits of prayer and the result it brings so they make sure they include their partner's request in their quit time. They make it a duty to pray for their partner and prophesy in their partner's life. Imagine how you would feel knowing fully well that one son of man is interceding on your behalf.

SUPPORT. Supporting their partner Is not a problem, not just financial support alone, they support every way. You wonder why our sisters are so good when it comes to cooler ministries, it's because it is an inbuilt thing .support has been infused into them. They would literary become your support system.

STUDYING THE WORD TOGETHER. Courting a godly partner makes studying God's word exciting. You would be amazed how you've grown in the deep study of God's words while courting. You won't know when you've finished your one-year Bible reading plan. that feeling is heavenly.

THEY ARE ROMANTIC. If your godly partner isn't romantic then he isn't truly godly. Even the Bible is filled with corrections and a touch of romance check SOS and thanks me later.

They aren't just godly alone they are so romantic. They buy flowers, take you out on a date, spend on you and make you happy.

Whoever said godly guys aren't romantic isn't telling the truth, ask sister ruth she would tell you.

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