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Thika ‘Pastor’ Leaves Netizens Mouths Wide Open After Revealing The Following

Photo: a clergy dress code.

A 30-year-old fake pastor has left the court thinking after publicly revealing his sexual preference. The Thika fake pastor, Simon Nderitu Mwangi, appeared before a court on Monday for sodomizing a 21-year-old high school student. The court charged him with two sexual offences, which are rape and sexual harassment of a high school student on different occasions.

 According to reports from reliable sources, Nderitu harassed the compliant sexually, leaving him with injuries around the anus.

Nderitu shocked the court after he revealed that he is addicted to homosexuality and has been meeting with other homosexuals regularly.

He further disclosed that they meet regularly with other homosexuals, some high school students. This left the court audience, and the chief magistrate dumbfounded before he added that they even have form one students in their meetings.

The accused added that he had been buying the complaints gifts and dishing cash to seduce him. The case will be returned to the court on 3rd April 2023 for sentencing. 

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Nderitu Simon Nderitu Mwangi Thika


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