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Could These Be The Signs That Jesus Christ Is Returning Soon.

Hello guys, and welcome today we are going to looks at some of the signs, which show that Jesus could come soon.

1. Earthquakes, famines and diseases.I believe this to be the most obvious, wars have been fought for many years, and we have seen the biggest in recent times, having even two major world wars. Humanity has faced diseases and pests such as smallpox.

2. Love of believers. The number of people attending the church has decreased, the world has become more attractive to those who follow you. Preaching has not provided believers, temples have become businesses instead of a place of refuge for the faithful.

3. False people claiming to be Christ ( false Christs). This has also occurred around the world, in countries like China, South Korea and Japan, there have been reports of people claiming to be the Christ, but the only true Savior has warned us about people who would try to pass themselves off for him close to his return, but only he has the right and knows the truth to proclaim us.

It is really time, we get warned and follow Jesus teachings.


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