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Here Are The Reasons Why We Should Pray Everyday

There are many reasons what you should be pray everyday. This is not only for spiritual nourishment but also according to the physiological effects.

Reduces stress. Doctors who have studied the physiological effects of prayer have reported that when praying, the heart rate and blood pressure decrease, thus regulating the breathing rate. Indeed, prayers reduces stress and also promotes feelings of control and peace of mind. Being stress free therefore, lowers your risk of developing certain chronic diseases like ulcers,severe headaches, depression and high blood pressure.

Prayers increases Empathy. You should not be selfish in your prayers. Always make an effort to extend your daily prayers to others. Prayers can be made to loved ones who are passing difficult and trying times in life. This is a great way to start incorporating praying for others as a part of your daily routine.

More so, prayers Build relationships. You know what, you don't have to always pray alone, the best way to build trust and strengthen your relationships with others/spouse/fiance is ti pray together.

Spiritual Exercises. Indeed, prayers nourishes our/your spiritual life. It helps you maintain spiritual focus in your life and also helps you stay on track to meet your faith goals. Just as it is vital to exercise your body to stay healthy and in good shape, so the smenis true for your soul. You need to practice spiritual exercises to keep your soul in shape.

Prayers are also very important for Emotional Health. Prayer connects you to something greater than your own self, which does wonders(magic) for your emotional well-being. It proves your daily moods, gives a greater sense of purpose and this allows you cope with all the hard challenges that life brings your way. Through prayers, you are able to find social support by getting involved with a community of spiritual like-minded people.

Let's embrace this habit of exercising prayers consistently. Prayers are not set a part for the religious corhot alone. The next time you pray try to invite a spouse, friend or a family member to pray together.

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