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How To Chase Demons Away and Attract Good Luck in Your Home.

We all want to live peacefully without strange things happening to us. No one would love to be attacked by demons mostly at night while they sleep, this can happen either in a dream or physically. Curtains moving in and out or just hearing strange voices within the house or building. These attacks can also come in form of animals like cats and bats, it mostly depends with the beliefs of a certain community. Above all, prayers is the key. Seek God when such things happen. But have you known of another thing most people do? they use salt to bring good luck. Follow the steps below;

1.Take some salt, the normal one you use for cooking and apply it in the corners of the house. Live them for atleast 3 to 4 days before cleaning them. Experts say it attracts good things into your home.You can also take a container and fill it with salt and place it in your kitchen and toilet to chase away the spirit of negativity.

2. Another thing is to never allow small animals like wall geckos and spiders to fill your house.They attract bad luck and downfall.

The Lord is the key to success, you will never make it without Him who is above. Pray untill something happens because prayers are like assets we keep with our Lord. They never go at a waste.

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