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You Need To Stop Blocking God's Blessings in Your Life.

Your mouth can block your blessings, know when to keep quiet. One huge lesson I have learned about life and God is trusting God's timing. Even when we don't know when. God's timing is relevant in everything from the time the blessings should come to the time to testify of the blessing.

It's important to be able to discern his voice as well as the times and the seasons to knows when to speak up. We must be careful with the things that we say, how we say them and who our audience is.

The people in whom you're sharing your testimonies, especially at the wrong time might be the same people to block the remainder of your blessings.

I want you to understand that silence is golden. Now all the time if you must testify, you have to wait for the right time to testify. Also do not go around being loud and talking about things that you are yet to accomplish.

Proverbs 18:21 is a constant reminder of the power that we carry in our tongues. Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

We must make this verse our watchword to keep us in check. One way our mouth and how we use our tongue can block our blessings is the way we talk to people. You may have a polite tone, but disrespectful words, poor choice of words, and you might have a good intention with properly articulated words but a disrespectful tone, either way, the person you're talking to in such situations will feel disrespect as much as you are angry or agitated by the situation.

It is important to communicate respectfully, whether to your juniors or seniors, because everyone deserves that respect. Apply caution by being polite and straightforward with people.

We come into contact with different sets of people every single day, from the strangers we meet on the street to the people we live in the same building with. People who are very much different from us. Now the only humane thing to do is to be nice to everyone you meet.

People do not go about with their bad or good experiences written on their foreheads, make no mistakes. You most likely would not even know that the people you are being mean to are going through the most unlikely situation you cannot survive if you were close with them, or strike a conversation on that topic with them.

Please don't go about being a thorn in the flesh of fellow human beings, don't be careless with your choice of words, learn to respect people, at least for the sole reason that they are fellow humans like you. Regardless of status, situation, physical appearance, or the likes because all those are those bare minimum God bless you.

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