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Life history of st Peter the disciple of Jesus, birth and death.

St Peter was a disciple of Jesus born AD 1 in Bethsaida. His birth name is shimon per yonah . He was a fisherman, a clergyman and was married According to Corinthians 9:5.

After the resurrection of Jesus , Peter went back fishing and he caught 153 fish . He was the owner of the boat Jesus used to preach at lake gennesaret .

His brother is Andrew. He cut of the ear of the high priest during arrest of Jesus . Jesus healed the high priest and that was the last miracle Jesus did in the bible.

Peter was put in prison by Agrippa but was rescued by an angel of God . Jesus called Peter a rock on which the church be build . Peter affirmed 3 times that he love Jesus balancing the 3 fold denial that he even new him.

Peter was jealous when Jesus was talking to Mary Magdalene. Peter was given the keys of heaven to bound and unbound everything on earth Mathew 16:18-19.

Peter died by crucifixion, this is after the great fire of Rome for which emperor Nero wished to blame on Christians. Luke was not present at Peter's death. Peter was crucified head down. He was buried at st Peter's tomb .

All this disciples suffered heavely at the side of men but will enjoy everlasting life Amen.

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