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Indians Abandon Their gods And Make A Corona god As Over 3000 Die Due To Covid 19

As Covid 19 continue to tear through India, the Indians have done the unthinkable by abandoning some of their gods and creating a corona god. The country reports over 250,000 new cases daily with the total number of cases almost exceeding 30,000,000 since the first case was confirmed in the country. India is one of the countries with the largest population in the world taking about 1/7 of the world's population. They have diverse religions with different ways of worship. Some are Buddhist, Christians and Islamic.

With the fear and tension being experienced in the country due to covid 19 which has killed over 250,000 and overwhelmed the Indian health system and crematoriums, some of the Indians have decided to abandon their gods and idols and worship other gods. Two districts in India called Kushinagar and Varanasi made changes to their worship system when the women decided to abandon their initial gods and created a corona god which they named Corona Mai. The women worship corona Mai with the hope that it will protect them from the disease and eventually bring an end to the disease. The residents claimed that the worship of this new god will be done for at least 21 days to make the disease go away.

This comes even as a new disease known as the black fungi has been found to be infected those suffering from the disease and also those who recover from it. This has also raised concern in the country.

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