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Reason Why Muslims Men Can't Shake Hands With Women

At the point when the prizes were being given out at the Club World Cup,Sheik Joaan canister Hamad Al Thani shook the male ref's hand, yet he didn't so with the female collaborator official.The explanation, his religion.

Bayern Munich beat Tigres in the Club World Cup last 1-0 on Thursday and,from that point, the prizes were given out at the Qatar Foundation arena.Also, there was a debate that has set online media ablaze: Sheik Joaan receptacle Hamad Al Thani welcomed the arbitrator responsible for the match between the Germans and Mexicans, however didn't do likewise with one of the aides.

Numerous fans were clamoring against this, particularly on Twitter,albeit many don't have the foggiest idea why the subsequent handshake didn't happen.

If legal, the Sheik,with Islamic strict convictions, is completely prohibited to warmly greet a lady.He may just do as such, as expressed in the Mujtasar al-Akhdari,on account of delight.

"It isn't admissible for a Muslim to contact the face or hands of a lady who isn't a his relative", as you can peruse in the book, consistently except if the man is satisfied with her.

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