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Things God Hates in the Life of Mankind

God created man with the intention that he will live for Him- worshipping God in truth and spirit. However, at the garden of Eden, man fell into sin and the repercussion is death. When we look at the bible, God judged sin for instance in the garden of Eden, Noah and the flood, Gain and Abel, he made the Israelites slaves and many other cases.

God judging men means that there are some of the things (behaviors) in human life that God hates . We are going to learn some of these things :

1. Haughty eyes- arrogantly superior and lacking respect.

2. Lying tongue - saying something which you know is not the truth. This includes giving false witness.

3. Murder - this does not only mean physically killing somebody but it includes being angry without forgiving.

4. Heart that plans evil.

5. Being conflict stirrer.

6. Adultery - sex between people of the opposite sex who are not married.

7. Fornication- sex between people of the opposite sex with one married or both but not marriage partners.

8. Homosexuality - sex involving people of the same gender.

9. Idolatry- loving other thing(s) more than God. Currently, people value, money , education or their families more than they value God

10. Drunkenness

11. Stubborn and unrepentant hearts.

12. Unbelieving hearts that falls away from the living God.

13. Following your own plans and not God's plans. We should always pray to know God's will in our lives.

14. Giving false prophecies.

15. Failing to humble before God and his Prophets.

In our daily lives we sometimes sin against God. What is important is to ask God for forgiveness in repentance and turning away completely from that sin.

For more information read the Bible the book of Proverbs 6:16-19, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21

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