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Top 5 Richest And Leading Churches In Kenya.

Top 5 Richest And Leading Churches In Kenya.

Nairobi Kenya, 7th February 2021.

The church is one of the most sacred places in the world and very important towards the development and strengthening the faiths of believer's across the world.

In Kenya, just like in the other countries, there are some of the richest churches and therefore in this article I'll be listing down for you the top 5 richest churches in Kenya as brought out be

1) Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM)

CITAM has been ranked as the richest Church in the country and this is one of the churches that do have lots of congregants and several branched. They have widely invested too and do own other several businesses that brings them lots of money.

As at 2019, their total revenue was about 2.55 Billion Kenya shillings.

2) Nairobi Chapel

The Nairobi Chapel is also one of the weathiest churches in the country and they do have lots of investment's too apart from the church revenue, they too do make lots of money ranging to billions of kenya shilings per year.

3) Mavuno Church

As at 2019, they had a revenue of 551 million kenya shilings and this makes them one of the richest churches in tbe the country and they too have other investments.

4) All Saints Cathedral.

This is the headquarters of the Anglican Church Of Kenya (ACK) and they are also amongst the richest churches in the country with lot's of Investments that do bring them lots of revenue every year.

5) Nairobi Baptist Church

This is the fifth richest Church in Kenya and just like the other churches, they too makes lots of money and have several sources of income.

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