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Miraculous Prayer Over Your Life

Greetings, Lord!

You've heard the whole thing. Only you have a full understanding of my wounds and pain. Only you can fully heal me, even when I injure myself. Will you not assist me, Lord?

Show me how to open up and let you into the places in my body where I bleed and hurt the most. Can I put my faith in Christ Jesus to heal my deepest wounds, the ones I'd rather forget about, the ones that keep me from moving forward.

Those wounds that I have surrendered are now in your loving care. Please send the Holy Spirit to cure and purify me. For me, there is no other choice, no other hope. Only you can bring this exhausted soul back to life. My Lord, give me life!

Lord Jesus, I come to thee as I am, repenting of my sins and begging you to forgive me.

I forgive all those for what they have done to me in thy name. I repudiate Satan, the Evil Spirits, and all of their deeds. Lord Jesus, I give thee my whole self; I embrace thee as my Lord God and Savior.

Heal, transform, and enhance my body, mind, and spirit.

Lord Jesus, come and cover me with thy precious blood and fill me with thy holy Spirit. I adore you, Lord Jesus, and I thank and worship you.

Every day of my life, I will obey thee. AMEN to that.

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