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Why Women and Men Do Not Mix in Mosques During Worship

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You cannot talk about people who follow their traditions to the latter without mentioning Muslims. In the mosques men do not worship together with women. 

For those who do not understand, they might think that it is being biased but that is not what it is. The Islamic religion respects their women and it is not as some people would want it to appear. Women attract men and Muslims know this very well. To avoid this attraction in the place of worship, there is no mingling of the opposite genders. 

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When attraction happens in the mosque people may not worship as they are supposed to. It is for this reason why you will find worship spaces divided so that men do not see women once they are in the mosque. In some mosques, the entrances and exits are also separated. 

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Other places of worship like churches do not have restrictions on how the male and female should interact. Islam prohibits that because Muslims would not want their prayers to be interrupted by temptations during worship. In mosques where there are no systems that people cannot worship in separation, women are always encouraged to do their prayers at home. 

According to Islamic practices, intermingling can corrupt the mind and take it away from worship leading it to commit a sin. Men attracting women or women attracting men is bad for worship and can hinder the prayers from getting to Allah. 

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