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Origin of The Word of God.

God is the Supernatural Being. He is the Creator and the sustainer of the universe. He was there before the beginning and He will also be there after the end. He is Alpha and Omega.

The name of the Lord came from God Himself. He is the one who personally portrayed his name.

In Exodus 6:3, He appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but by his name the Lord, He did not make Himself to be known. In psalms 83:18, says that let them know that my name is the Lord, Who is most high over all the earth.

Also in Exodus 3:14-15, I AM who I AM, my name is Lord and I will be remembered throughout the generations.

The name God is Lord and also means I Am who I Am. I Am who I Am means that I can not change, I am the same, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever more. It also means that there is nobody or nothing like me, Am the overall.

I Am who I Am also means the rock, that is however much the situation or the problem, nothing can shake my foundation. And that is God, In Detronomy 32:39, God says that He is the Lord and there is no other god like Him, He is able to give life and to kill, able to heal and to injure and there is no such powers outside his able hands.

God is everything in your life, whether you believe or not. Nothing existed without Him and there is no other thing that has been created that was not created by Him.

Embrace Him to be free from any form of obstacles that my come on your way.

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