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Declare that you belong to the kingdom of God and miracles will start to happen

Today I am sharing with you a powerful way to declare that you are the son/daughter of God.

In most times of our life, satan gets an opportunity to chip in and destroy our life destiny. This happens because we are in between God and satan. Today let's make a declaration that we belong to God, so evil forces will go away from our daily living.

God's blessings and miracles will happen after standing for the kingdom of God. Pray the following prayer.

"I declare my deliverance from every evil dedication of my life from now and forever. I now belong to you Mighty Father. Great thanks for your love and compassionate.

Thank you for keeping your covenant with me throughout my life. I honour you lord and and I submit my loyalty and adoration to you.

I now wash myself clean by in the blood of Jesus and fully surrender unto your hands, heavenly father. From today, I disconnect myself from every evil covenant. So lord, take over my thoughts, my actions and be a daily guide throughout my life span.

And to you Satan, I have defeated you. You have no permission over my life on Earth. I am now in the kingdom of my father, where I am His warrior to conquer your Kingdom.

I am clean in your hands Oh Mighty Father. Hold me now and forever, in the name of Jesus I declare." Amen!

By accepting the declaration prayer, type amen to declare for the kingdom of God guide your life. Let's shake the kingdom of Satan by sharing this poweful prayer.

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