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Five Steps Of Cult-making and Number Four is a Shock

Cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

Five Steps Of Cult-making and success:

1. Keep it vague keep it simple. 

To create a cult you must first attract attention. This you should do not through actions which are too clear and readable, but true ones which are hazy and deceptive. Your initial speeches conversations and interviews must include two elements: on the one hand the promise of something great and transformative and on the other a total of vagueness. This combination will stimulate all kinds of hazy dreams in your listener, who will make the whole connection and see what they want to see. To make your vagueness attractive.

2. Emphasize the visual and The Sensual over the intellectual.

 Once people have begun to gather around you, two dangers will present themself boredom and scepticism. Boredom will make people go elsewhere; skepticism will allow them the distance to think rationally about whatever it is you are offering, blowing away the mist you have actively created and revealing your ideas for what they are you need to amuse the bored, then, and one of the cynics.

3. Borrow the forms of organised religions to structure the group.

 You are Cult like following is growing; it is time to organise it. Find a way both elevating and comforting. Organised religion, have long held unquestioned authority for large number of people and continue to do so in our supposedly secular age. And even if the religion itself has faded some it's forms still resonate with power.

4. Disguise your source of income. 

Your group has grown and you have structured it in a church like form. Your coffers are beginning to fill with your followers money. Yet you must never be seen as angry for money and the power it brings. It is at this moment that you must disguise the source of your income. Your followers want to believe that if they follow you all sort of good things will fall into their Love, by surrounding yourself with luxury you become living proof of the soundness of your belief system. Never reveal that your wealth actually comes from your followers pocket, inside make it seem to be come from the truth of your mail. Followers will copy your each and every move. In them, believe that it will bring them the same results and their imitative acquisition will blind them to the nature of your wealth.

5. Set up an us-versus-them dynamic.

The group is now large and thriving a magnet attracting more and more particles. If you are not careful, though inertia with set in and time and boredom will demagnetize the group. To keep your followers United, you must now do what all religions and belief systems often create, an us-versus-them dynamic. If you have no enemies, invent or give a strong man to react against your followers. This will tighten and core.

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