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Importance of prayer early in the morning before you get out of bed

Most religions advice members to whisper a silent prayer in the morning while in bed or beside your bed fore embarking on the daily chores. Prayer has a lot of advantages for believers.

Early morning prayer is essential because of the quietness and calmness. In the morning, there are limited movements and noise therefore it is believed that when you whisper a prayer, it goes straight to God. In short God hears prayers from a cool and noise free area.

Morning prayers help Christians to dedicate their daily activities to God. A day starts well when God is with you. Dedicate all your life to God early in the morning and He will guide you appropriately.

In the morning, the human mind is still fresh and easy to remember. Morning prayer therefore makes Christians to remember all their problems that need to be presented to God. In the morning it is easier to remember your sins and ask for forgiveness.

It is therefore more advantageous to pray in the morning. Morning prayers are believed to be easily answered by God. That is why most churches prefer morning devotions and prayers.

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