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I'm Stressed: Man Overwhelmed After 2nd Wife Delivers Set Of Conjoined Twins.

A man from Nairobi is under pressure to find help after his lover gave birth to conjoined twins on Friday, November 25.Francis Kinyua's wife, Evelyn Njoki, delivered a boy and two little girls in a rare scenario termed dicephalic parapagus.

According to Eurorad, dicephalic parapagus is a rare variety of conjoined twins where the twins have two heads, sharing a common body from the neck or upper chest downwards.

It was not the first time her husband had welcomed twins, as her first wife also gave birth to conjoined offspring in 2007.The developed twin from the undeveloped twin underwent surgery that unfortunately rendered her paralysed.

Kenyans reacts:

𝐋𝐒π₯π₯𝐲: The Lord will give you the grace to take care of them. That woman will not know peace

π‰πšπ§πžπ­: Why do I feel he is the one who abandoned the wife and twins??? anyway may God make a way for him

π’πžπ₯π₯𝐲: Having a second wife is a curse.. Why second wife?.May God protect the kids they are innocent..

π•πžπ«πš: Your wife abandoned you because the situation was tough,,now where did you get the energy to more trouble by adding more people,,,

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