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The World Should Not Be Thrown Into Mourning When A Man Of God Is Dead

I know someone is not buying what I have said above, and probably see me as insensitive. But being insensitive or not, it is better to see things through the lense of the word of God.

According to (Mat.24:14), the death of any servant of God should trigger an explosion of the gospel throughout the world, for it is written:

"...The love of the most will grow cold, but he be who stands firm to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations..."

Now, let us explore what will trigger the preaching of the gospel. Jesus lists the as:


He says in (Mat.24:5) that there will be a lot of deceptions by false prophets.


In (Mat.24:9) we are told that believers will be hated and betrayed.

Increased wickedness

In (Mat.24:12), we are told there will be increased wickedness everywhere.

Now, due to the deceptions, hetred and increased wickedness by the false witnesses and even half believers, those who stand for the truth will be in trouble. That is why we are those who stand on truth and for the truth will be saved.

But their standing won't be easy, most of them will be killed. So the manner of their killing and death will create and explosion of the gospel. They will die of persecutions. Their death will be a powerful witness for Christ thereby causing the gospel to spread.

So, that is why I am saying the death of a servant of God should NOT create mourning and Lamentations like the death of a pagan. His/her death should trigger a massive explosion of the gospel to the whole world.

Now tell me, if a minister due of a car accident, can that cause an explosion of the gospel? What of a minister dies of Diabetes, Cancer or HBP? That is a negative death, testifying of the inability of God to heal such ailments.

But the truth is, it is the servant of God who is below the standard of the gospel. God is always above. Next time a man of God died while below 100yrs, cry to God to have mercy on the church.

(Rev. Robertas: [email protected])

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