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Reason Why Muthee Kiengei is Tired of Crying At The End of the Year

A few days ago, Wa Ken, one of pastor Ben Kiengei's close buddies, passed away. Wa Ken was a Kiambu politician and businessman who rose from poverty to prominence through grit and perseverance.

He was buried today, December 29, 2022, at his home, where many people came to pay their final respects to the dead Kiambu soldier. Pastor Ben Kiengei issued a mournful message on his official Facebook page following the funeral, condemning the day today.

He claimed that in 2021, on December 29, a day similar to today, he had laid to rest his father, an event that had deeply affected him.

Today, he had also laid to rest his great, wonderful father and a friend named Wa Ken. He begged God to change this date in his life's plans since he was sick of crying at the end of every year. He ended by praying for Wa Ken's ultimate peace.

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