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7 Types Of Kenyans You Will Always Find In Church

Churches are filled with different types of people who go to church for different reasons. As others go to connect with the Lord, others go to look for a partner, showcase their sense of fashion or even try and seduce the choirmaster.

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Below are some of the queer characteristics of people that you will find in Kenyan churches:

1. The fashionista. While others go to church to praise and worship the Lord, these will be busy showing off their new outfit. When the time comes to give their offering, they will be first in the line and catwalk to the altar.

2. The rich one. Whenever there is fundraising or any event in the church, this rich and 'blessed' person will donate over Sh30 thousand and offer to help needy students. His contributions are usually the biggest and the pastor wishes everyone was as generous as him.

3. Holiday churchgoer. These will go to church during the weekends. They will show up during Easter, Christmas and New Year's Eve then disappear again for like 7 months before resurfacing.

4. The latecomer. There will always be funny characters in the church who have awkward moments. There is this one person who is always coming late to church service.

5. The sleeper. These are people who get tsetse fly bites immediately they step into the church. They will sleep during the praise and worship session, during the sermon, and even when people are giving their tithes and offering.

6. The dancer. They will move chairs and dance like it's their last day on earth. They don't care whether they break their bones or hit you in the process. They will even try to infuse some club moves to match their dancing.

7. The one with a crying baby. You will never miss a mother in a church whose baby is always crying. The baby will cry and scream when the church is quiet and when the preacher is just about to deliver the gospel to the lambs of God.

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