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Will It Be Wise For Government To Legalize Marijuana Use As Petitioned By Rastafarian?

We have different religious communities in Kenya and each religion contains her own believes and customs. The government is supposed to accept and respect the different religious communities.

Rastafarian community have believes that are very much different from other religions, most of us are aware of some of them and every time we see a rasta man, something common come into our minds, "Bhang". They are well know for using Marijuana which is one of their symbol.

Here in kenya, marijuana is illegal though some people find away of importing them in the country.

The community of Rastafarian has filed petition seeking marijuana to be legalized in the country, they have claimed that use of Bhang is medical, culinary, spiritual and ceremonial purposes.

What can you say about this dear readers, will it be wise to respect the believes of Rastafarian community towards the use of marijuana, despite knowing the negative effects of them in our bodies. Let's share our views.

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