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Things To Do Before First Time Visiting Your In-Laws.

Know what to anticipate, Don't go over and say "Hi, good afternoon" when they expect you to bow or lie down to greet; instead, ask your companion about their culture and how they greet there.

If you are from a different tribe, you may learn how to greet them in their language as well; your in-laws would appreciate that you are making an effort to learn their customs.

Do your research on the people you'll be meeting in order to avoid saying anything that might embarrass or offend anyone. For example, if her elder brother recently lost his wife, refrain from asking him, "How's your wife," as your ignorance will not be an acceptable defense.

Do some research about their eating habits, personal preferences, etc. Don't arrive at your in-laws' house unprepared the first time. First impressions are really important.

Here are ten things to think about before visiting your in-laws.

1) Don't make an effort to win their favor.

Be genuine. You don't have to agree with everything you see and hear in order for people to appreciate you, so express your opinions respectfully.

You don't have to switch to supporting Manchester United merely to win him over if you support Chelsea and his dad is a United fan. Even when you argue calmly and with love, he will still respect you.

Avoid adopting the "Yes Sir, Yes Ma" mentality; express your opinions and beliefs while remaining respectful; avoid arguing with your in-laws; and, because some of you are journalists, know when to abandon a subject.

2) Dress Smartly.

Even if wearing short skirts is your specialty, try to dress nicely that day as a Lady and avoid dressing as though you want to seduce every Man in his family.

Before you hear "My Son, let me have a word with you inside," dress decently. Don't be going to visit a future mother-in-law who strongly believes in decent dressing and then dress anyway, exposing your cleavages and laps.

Don't dress shabbily when visiting your in-laws as a young guy; avoid wearing rumpled clothing or shoes that appear to have been custom-made. Apply a decent fragrance that isn't overpowering. Good Representation Based on how you dress, you will be addressed.

3. Don't forget to bring a gift.

Despite how cliché it may sound, don't leave empty-handed. Don't just purchase any present; instead, make each recipient's gift specifically for them. The parent may have allergies or other preferences.

So, consult your spouse about the greatest gifts for their parents. Don't, for example, give a Pentecostal Christian family alcoholic wine as a gift; otherwise, you will have already failed the exam before you ever received the question paper.

A leather journal will be the ideal present if their father or mother was a writer. Don't be cheap and don't buy bread from a roadside vendor to give to your in-laws. The twenty-first century is here. Be innovative.

4) Steer clear of excessive physical intimacy.

Avoid showing too much emotion when you visit your in-laws and avoid touching or groping their child all over in their presence.

Sit down where you were requested to and respect yourself because it will make the meeting awkward. They are aware of your love for one another. Keep your hands in your pockets and guard against the devil using you.

Don't suggest that you two have been having sex. You would raise unwarranted doubts and queries if someone asked you if you were the ideal person for their child.

5) Refrain from pressing your phone repeatedly.

It may come across as disrespectful, especially to those of you who are Facebook addicts. You didn't leave your home with your in-laws to sit on the phone and check Facebook. You were there on business.

Focus. Turn off or ignore your phone and concentrate on creating a good impression and getting to know your potential in-laws. You can't be lost if you're scrolling and posting on Facebook when your father-in-law is trying to phone you.

6) Conversate

You're there to meet people. Talk; avoid remaining silent. Have fun, smile, converse, ask and answer questions, complement the meal, the residence, the person's appearance, and anything else that is deserving of a compliment.

Don't appear lost or as though you left your brain and tongue at home when you arrive there. If you make a positive impression on them, they'll eagerly anticipate your next visit.

7) Remember good table manners

We know you enjoy food, but that's not why you came. Please don't eat and then ask for an extra two plates and leave; you can do that on subsequent visits. Also, please don't eat and then spill soup all over the place.

When you are not Shrek, avoid speaking while you are chewing. When food is presented, act properly. Don't shame your tribe because they are watching you and disregard your home training.

Even if you have "trouble is my middle name" in your Facebook page, don't go there and cause trouble. Be a preacher of love at your in-laws' house. If anyone purposefully says something impolite to you, smile and pretend not to hear it.

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