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Motivational Verse From The Bible

In life, there are always a times when you feel you are down, especially with the hard economic condition that is being witnessed in our country Kenya. These alone have made some people to Make drastic action that have really caused them. That is how many people have gone missing without a trace.

The Bible says in the book of Philippines 4.6 that don’t worry about anything but always pray to God and ask him for what you need with a thankful heart. Today many people have so many suffering that they don’t know where to get help, some people have even gone to rural area thinking that life will be easy there, because many people always have the perception that life is easier when you are in rural home. That is how people make mistakes in life.

In the Bible there was a time when Jesus and his disciples were camping in the city of Capernaum, he saw his disciples being worried because some of them had many problems before being called Jesus. In order to make them feel at peace, he told them that birds don’t have farms or granaries, they don’t even have a place to live but our father who is at heaven always take good care of them.

Also there was a time in the Bible when prophet Elijah prophesied about the drought which was to befall the land of Israel, because the people had seen before the Lord and they were reluctant to repent their sins. The Lord decided to punish them with famine, it reached a point when Elijah was worrying about where to get the food.

The Lord ordered Ravens to take some meat to Elijah at around midday in the evening, prophet Elijah was staying at the broth, because he was in hiding, he feared that the king will kill him for announcing the drought. Let us not worry anymore because the Lord will take care of our needs.

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