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What Mackenzie Is Accused Of Doing To His Church Followers Who Flocked To Shakahola In 2020

Controversial preacher Paul MacKenzie denied claims that he was the leader of a cult. In a statement with the police, Mackenzie said that he neither preached about the end times not brainwashed his followers into fasting to death. He said that his own family was not fasting.

But media reports another mistake Pastor Paul Mackenzie is accused of doing to his church followers.

According to the paper, Mackenzie is accused of indoctrinating his church followers to starve to death is in custody waiting to face terror-related charges as the state intensifies a crackdown on related activities.

Detectives from the Homicide Unit unit have resumed the exhumation of bodies in the Shakahola forest where followers of controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie are believed to have been buried after fasting to death.

Autopsies on corpses found in mass graves linked to the religious cult have revealed missing organs and raised suspicions of forced harvesting, investigators said even as exhumations resumed.

MacKenzie started preaching when he was a taxi driver in Malindi town. He was initially a member of the Baptist church.

The discovery of mass graves last month near the Indian Ocean coastal town of Malindi has stunned the deeply religious Christian-majority country in what has been dubbed the “Shakahola forest massacre”.

The State accuses Mackenzie of manipulating locals through skewed extreme religious teachings, and fear of the unknown in pursuit of salvation, leading to deaths of many.

Police believe most of the bodies belong to followers of self-styled pastor Paul Nthenge Mackenzie who is accused of ordering them to starve to death “to meet Jesus”.

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