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Divorce Affair

Zora Citizen TV: Fella Confronted By Talia, Find Out What Happened

Our today's update will revolve around Zora and Fella in their marriage. In the upcoming episode, you will see Talia arriving in their house with a lot of bitterness. She will make you know that it was Fella who left Talia's house in a mess and with a bullet on the table. Moreover, before she revealed that to them, she reminded Zora how he made love with her twin sister against her will.

Fella went speechless and couldn't defend himself when Talia was around since he knew it was true. After she left the house, a quarrel began between them. This is because Zora became angry at Fella after being reminded of his evil deeds in the past. He got tensed and that is why he decided to call pastor JB for counselling. The pastor began by reading the verse from the holy Bible that left Zora into confusion. It was actually from the book of First Corinthians Chapter Seven from verse ten. This is because the book talks against divorce. It revealed why you should not divorce and how a lady should never get married after divorce.

If you look keenly into this matter, you will realize that Zora's strength of fighting for her marriage is fading away. The type of counselling she received from pastor JB was totally different from the advice she was given by her staple mother previously. Remember when she told her to stay with the man she loves no matter how many people are against it. Let's find out more from the next episode.

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