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What do we know about catholic?



Catholic As The Earliest Christian Religious Institution Globally That Covers Over Millions Of People. It Was Started During The Apostolic Times Around 4 BC to AD 30 With Teachings Of Jesus Christ.

According To Hitchcock (2012), It Is a Tradition Believe That Catholic Is a Continuation Of Early Christian Community Entrenched By Jesus’ Disciples.

Since The 16th Century They Have Produced Catechism For Jesus' Teachings And Believe In Faith And Morals, Guidance By Holy Spirit Through Scriptures.

The Catholic Advocate The Use Of Symbols And Gestures To Pass The Spiritual Meaning And The Purpose, Understanding The Catholic Identity Comes From Studying Many Symbols And Gestures Which Express Our Beliefs.

The Actions Of Apostles Created The Perspective Of The Early Christian Through The Crucifixion And Resurrection Of Jesus, His Teachings Spread Beyond Judah

Catholic Believes That The Bible Was Inspired By The Word Of God Through Jesus Christ, And The Original Church When Jesus Christ Gave The Apostle Peter The Authority To Lead The Church. Every Pope Since Then Has Been Part Of The Succession Of Peter Who Was The First Pope In Rome.



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