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The Wooden Church That Was Built Entirely On Wood Without A Single Nail

Building structures usually require nails or anything of the same for it to be stable enough. But the world always have surprises, some of which you may never believe in your lifetime. There is a church in Russia called Kizhi Pogost which is found in Kizhi Island. This church was built entirely on wood without using a single nail. Actually they are two churches built on the same island. I know this sounds unbelievable but it's the truth. To make it more interesting, the church was built in the 17th Century when technology was not much advanced. This leads my mind to start questioning about the differences between modern technology and the olden times. The reason of my thinking being that the structure would become practically impossible to construct in the modern time without using a nail. The tree that was used was Scots Pine which were 3-5 metres long and 30 centimetres in diameter. This led to the churches being marked as a cultural heritage by UNESCO due to their uniqueness. There is even a claim that the main builder used only one axe and after completion of the building, he threw the axe into the lake claiming that there will never be a structure to match it. Indeed it is true and I think this will not be matched even with the modern technology. What do you think? Thanks for reading and please follow for more updates. If you find this article interesting, you can like it and share to others.

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