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4 Reasons Why God Speaks To Us In Dreams

God still speak to us his children only that most time we are busy minding our daily businesses that is why most times God speaks to us through dreams.

Always pay attention to your dreams because God may be saying something to you!

1) To Search Our Hearts and The Hearts of Others Sometimes God will bring up things concerning your heart that you otherwise would leave unattended. He will use your dreams to point to areas that may need to be confronted, healed, and dealt with.

2 To Open Our Hearts During our day to day lives, it can be difficult for us to hear what God is saying to us. So often, He will use our times of rest to communicate to us directly where we don’t have to encounter distractions.

3) To Bring Instructions God will use your dreams to speak divine direction and insight to you concerning an area or various areas of your life.

Have you found yourself wanting a clear answer and then having a dream that gives you directives? Most likely, it’s God communicating directly to you.

4) To Fellowship With you Not every dream that you receive from God is going to be filled with tons of directives. Sometimes your dreams are filled with an invitation to sit with God, commune with Him, and enjoy fellowship with Him.

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