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Obstacles That Hinder Us From Getting Good Results In Our Prayers

Wrath and Doubt.

I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. Timothy 2:8.


The Apostle Paul exhorted Timothy, the presiding bishop, to admonish his members to pray everywhere. In other words, there is no geographical limitation to prayer. There were some Christians who were lazy about praying at home, there were also others who loved to excuse themselves from church prayer meetings.

Timothy, as a young pastor, had to identify such groups to encourage them to pray. The Apostle Paul also pointed out to Timothy what was hindering their prayer, wrath and doubting. He instructed them to lift up holy hands, that is to believe their sins have been forgiven and refrain from anger and doubt. Anger against one another and doubt in their hearts in the midst of their prayer were obstacles to getting good results.

Christians today must learn to walk in the righteousness of Christ and be fervent in payer. They should also be forgiving to overcome anger and lastly trust God for His Word when they pray.

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