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Read This as You Meditate About Peace

What is Peace? Have you ever tried to think how the world would be without peace. Peace is crucial for humanity. That's why you need to read this as you meditate about peace.

Listen to me, my dear Lord I pray,

A humble prayer to the I bring,

I ask for peace in all the world,

And in our country.

Where peace and conflict cease,

We need a peaceful world,

Where there is joy and harmony

So that the beauty of life may be enjoyed.

Peace begins when we care,

Open our eyes and see the need of peace amongst ourselves.

Peace brings freedom and tranquility.

Peace brings joy.

Peace is sacred. Not a toy.

Without peace we feel weak.

You cannot buy peace.

You cannot catch it.

When there is peace, we cannot fight.

May we Love our God.

May we love our neighbors.

When we love our neighbors, our eyes open to see the work of God in us.

Lord grant us peace.

May the people stay in harmony.

May we have healthy relationships.

Because peace is sweet

Content created and supplied by: Extra~musica (via Opera News )


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