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"Come Out And Condemn It" Catholic Bishops Told After a Priest Was Seen Blessing Quiver Lounge

Today, a Catholic priest stirred reactions on social media after he was filmed blessing the new Quiver Lounge in Kenol. Many people reacted on it with the latest being pastor T Mwangi. He said that he hope the Catholic Bishop clergy will come out to condem such actions and activity because its not inline with our bibibilical ethics and doctrine.That In a country where 70% are youth, where we are opening mega clubs and closing mega churches, it should act as an alarm of crisis. Christianity is becoming irrelevant to the youths and incoming generations because the tenet and values of our faith are being diluted by the very custodian. 

He added that he knows someone will say Jesus turned water into wine as a miracle. The context was in a wedding where they served good wine and bad wine. Good wine was juice pressed from fresh grapes and it had no alcohol. They used to serve it first and it was for the rich and high table. Jesus turned water into good wine not bad wine, the fermented grapes juice. 

Jesus was also a Nazarite from Nazareth the same vow was upon Samson and John hence he could not take any intoxicating drinks or alcohol because of the Nazarine nature.

The first man to take alcohol was Noah and he went naked and cursed his children. This club will be a base of immorality, marriages will end here, pregnancies will be conceived here and aborted at the same time, destinies will be aborted here hence the trade is not in line with our ethics.

Jesus interacted with sinners but Jesus never blessed sin. Soon we will dedicate drugs ware houses, brothels in the name of business. 

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