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Signs which Tells you have wisdom

Wisdom is the ability to have right judgment in almost all aspects of life. Some people possess this great ability more than other. In the Biblical concepts, Solomon is identified the only man who sought wisdom God, over which he used to rule Jerusalem. He also become super rich. To succeed in life, you need wisdom and not knowledge. Check this signs which proves that you have great wisdom.

1. No room for argument in your life

You understand very well that argument is a foolish ideas and it has no any benefit to your life. When two people engage in an argument, it is prove that two fools exists there. No one is right in any argument because what is right to you might be a complete opposite to me.

2. You don't judge

A wise person doesn't paint pictures on people. If you have wisdom, you understand that we are here for different divine purpose and perhaps we follow different paths. You will not judge is talk negatively about other people's life. You just want to live what is true to you.

3. Listening more and talking less

People with wisdom chooses to listen and observe rather than talking. They understand what is happening and don't want to talk about it unless yo ask Them. They know that words at some extent to not have great benefit untill you act.

4. You are living a easy life

Your life is easy because you are taking calculated moves. You know how to approach many life related issues with solutions. You are taking life simple rather than complicating it.

5. Less friends

This means you understand that is all about your life and not how many friends your have. Your are protecting your circle from bad friend. Your are also very selective when choosing friends because only want to grow in life. Select those who can add value to your personal life.

6. Patience

Life is easy if you are not in rush decisions. You understand the divine timing and therefore you don't make rush decisions.

7. You are not comparing yourself with others

You know yourself more than anyone else in this world. You know what is best for your own self and there is no need of comparisons. Waiting for God's time is the best idea you are holding in your mind.

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