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The Lord Is To Fight Your Battle, Declare It In Jesus Name

let's believe and pray

As the clock ticks on December month, what more can we ask for? Lord, You have been Faithful to Your Promises and Merciful to Your children.

At this hour, we come to You just as we are - sinners in need of pardon, lacking but in need of provision, sick but in need of healing, bereaved but in need of consolation, naked but in need of clothing .

You are the trusted friend and reliable Shepherd. We depend on You to lead us into greener pastures and cool waters. It may take long but we know one day goodness and mercy shall follow us all the beautiful days of our lives. Psalm 23:5,6.

Lord we exalt Your name and lift Your name higher because You are Great and You reign forever, Lord we have seen You doing exploits in our lives.

Lord we believe that through this prayer You are going bless us with new jobs, good health, prosperity in our business, You are to extend our boundaries and in all You are going give us more than we have prayed for. Lord we surrender all to You.

Lord we pray and trusting in Your Name. Amen.🙏🏾 Don't forget to share, like and comment. Be blessed.

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