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What The Bible Teaches About Being In The Presence Of God

Even though Moses was the most humble man in the world his siblings talked badly about him. Their issue? His choice of spouse.

Daniel was a man of prayer, still, his workmates tried to find fault in him and his work. When they found his work and character were impeccable they tricked the King into creating a law requiring idolatry knowing Daniel wouldn’t dishonor his God.

Joseph was such a loved child. He enjoyed his parents’ favor, he walked with God and God kept speaking to him. Still, his brothers could not stand him.

Jesus was without sin. Everywhere he went He did well. Not a single sick person was left in the town or village where he passed. Still, they called him the devil and eventually fabricated lies and used them to crucify him stark naked in front of all .

What does this tell you? Being liked has never been on God’s balanced scorecard of righteousness and qualifying before Him as upright. Keep walking with Jesus Christ and listen only to His view of you. Your whole family can be wrong about you. An entire Nation can be wrong about you. It’s not about the numbers it’s about what God says and what you carry inside of you.

Keep walking, keep doing good, and fear the Lord your God. Let opposition, slander, gossip, or being misjudged push you to the cross. God has accepted you, that’s all you need. Do guard your heart.


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