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Prayer For God's Healing And To Be Accepted By Others

My righteous God, I am before You attempting to figure out what I need to pray for, and it is so quiet that I can hear my heart beating. My anguish is intense, and I can’t think or breathe.

Please send Your precious Holy Spirit to anoint me with Your peace, so I can at least pray. Please be gracious to me because my beleaguered spirit needs Your presence.

Please come and walk with me and be my strength and salvation as I pass through this valley of emotional pain. Heal my distressed soul and restore strength to my bones. Amen.

Lord of Power, help me to be accepted in a world of indifference. My tastes, personality, and beliefs don’t always fit in with those around me. Help me find friends and loved ones who will see the uniqueness in my spirit.

Show me where to find fellow Christians, so I can fellowship and enjoy time with others in a comfortable environment. Keep my soul filled with positivity and hope as I search for acceptance.

Lead me to the right situations, show me good, genuine people, and allow me to find life-long relationships. I ask these things in Jesus’ compassionate name, I pray. Amen.

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Lord of Power


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