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5 Reasons Why You Should Pray Rather Than Assume That God Knows What You Need

God is also referred as Omniscient. This means that God is all knowing. However, when it comes to prayer He expects us to speak out and make our requests known to him. God actually knows whatever we need before we even pray. This is true according to. However, we are required to pray to God so that He can grant the desires of our hearts. You may be wondering why we have to pray even when God already knows what we need. The following are some few reasons why you have to pray:

1. It is a blical principle

According to Matthew 7:7-8, we are to ask and we shall receive, seek and we'll find and if we knock the door shall be opened for us. This implies that if we need anything, we should ask and we will receive. In addition, Philippians 4:6-7 says that we should not be anxious about anything. Instead we should make requests known to God through prayer and supplication.

2. God desires communion through prayer

The simplest definition of prayer is communication with God. When we pray, our relationship with God grows. God desires our communion with him more than just responding to our needs or requests.

3. Assuming is ignorance

James 4:2 says that we don't have because we don't ask. Hence, we should not assume that God knows what we need but instead ask him and expect to receive.

4. When we pray we are more specific

Through prayer, we can clearly ask God whatever we need. This is different from a person who simply keeps quiet yet he/she is in need.

5. It forms a good basis to build our faith in God

When we pray and God answers, our trust in God is built. This encourages us to pray always with the assurance that God will answer us.

In conclusion, it's important to note that God always has good plans for us. He can respond to our prayers in ways we cannot imagine and beyond our expectations. Therefore as we pray, we should submit to God's will above all.

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