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4 Things To Avoid While Praying For Your Prayers To Be Answered

God loves us so much and we should love Him too. When praying to Him we should give Him all the respect that He deserves. As christians there are some things that we need to avoid while praying to God. Doing those things will make your prayers not to be answered. In this article i'm going to share with you some of the things that you should avoid while praying.

1.Praying only when we need something.

Praying should be your habit. You shouldn't praise him only when you are in trouble. Build a good relationship with God and share with Him the good and bad things. Even if you are busy find some time and thank Him for the free life that He has given you.

2.Praying to anyone other than God.

Some people tend to ask for wisdom and guidance from the dead. There's only one God who answers our prayers and we should stick to Him alone. Praying at other things will make him angry. As a Christian you should believe in only on true God who died for our sins.

3.Believing that God cannot answer your prayers.

When praying to God you should have faith in Him. Believe that He is going to answer your prayers no matter what. Have faith in His powers and He will always answer your prayers. Lack of faith will make Him to ignore you since you don't believe in Him. Have strong faith in God and you'll forever be grateful.

4.Comparing our prayers to others.

This mostly happens when some people are praying louder. Some feel intimidated by other people's prayers since they cannot pray the same way. As a Christian you should pray the way you know. God doesn't need your good English. Pray in any way that God can understand you.

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