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Irresistible Forbidden Fruit: Meet Catholic Priest Who Left Church Because He Wanted to Marry

Catholic Priests are not allowed to have lovers or take wives while they are serving the Church. This is because they take a vow of celibacy for the rest of their lives and dedicate their lives to the service of the church.

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Dr. Godfrey Shiundu left the Catholic Church 15 years ago and he has never looked back again. He started his own church that has flourished through the years and now has a huge following.

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The Archdiocese of Kenya - The Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ in Bungoma allows its priests to take wives. Dr. Shiundu, couldn't resist taking a wife and is now married with children.

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In an interview, Dr. Shiundu says that he could not go on living a lie after seeing how people thought he was a saint. He could give mass on a Sunday and be with his girlfriend on Monday, this is what prompted him to leave the church and start his own. His church is almost similar to Catholic except priests are allowed to marry.

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