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Why Despising God Can Lead To Stagnation And Downfall

Stagnation means that you are not moving forward. God has already provided everything that you need in life but when you neglected the grace.

God has provided for you and you went ahead to do your own thing your ways, you should expect stagnation and downfall.

There are some people who God has been calling for ministry or to gather people and teach them the word of God.

Or go out and preach the Gospel and win souls but they have neglected the calling and are now complaining that they are poor, that their lives are stagnant, whereas they are the one causing it.

When you disobey the word of God, many of your prayers won't be answered and you will begin to suffer because you are not doing what God has demanded of you.

I discovered that majority of the setbacks, hardships, and sorrows that we go through as Christians are self-inflicted.

Most times the problems we are facing are not caused by the devils but by disobeying God's demands. We need to check our lives to align with the word of God to avoid self-inflicted situations, May the Lord help you to obey what God demands from your life.

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