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Six Birds in the Bible and what they symbolize In Christian Life

Birds are an occuring theme throughout in the Bible. Different birds symbolizes different phenomenon. Some are symbols for good omen while others such as owl significes bad Omen. Because of their wonderful colouring, powerful flight, joyous songs and similarity to humans, has been given attention and have held conspicuous place since the dawn. Here are five birds with their significant meanings.

1. Falcon

Falcon in the Bible carries a message of duality. On one hand, Falcon symbolizes evil thoughts. They also represent turning to christianity.

2. Sparrow

In the Bible sparrow is referred to all small birds. They suggest God's knowledge of all our passing thoughts and His care for them. It used to symbolize an offering. Sparrow is painted as something that is not worth much yet God deeply cares for. Sparrow in deeper regard, point to our own human incarnation here on Earth.

3. Robin

The red belly Robin is an important bird in Christianity. Legend has it that the Robin got its red belly from a fire when it was trying to protect Jesus. Robin represent selfless for a higher truth.

4. Golfich

Golfich bird is used in the Bible to represent passion of God. The golfich can be seen in christian imagery and paintings pictured with baby Jesus.

5. Blackbird

In the Bible blackbird symbolizes temptation and sin. It signifies darkness and evil. In Christian Life, it is attributed to devils workings. The Blackbird is sent by Satan himself to tempt humanity with the worldly desires.

6. Owl

Various species of owls have been mentioned in the Old the testament. Mosaic law classifies owls as unclean birds. The Bible features owls figuratively to symbolize tormenting loneliness, desolation, mourning and judgement.

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