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Preaching Is a Calling from God Not a Career - Romans 1:1

Being a servant of God is not an easy thing. It is for the chosen few who are ready to carry the cross of the Lord Jesus and preach His message to the entire world (Matthew 28:18-20)You cannot just wake up in the morning and say I want to preach, no you must have a calling from God and be annointed with the pure blood of His son Jesus Christ.

The Bible is clear on who is supposed to serve the lord as His servant . Your education or any degree you got from the school of theology does not grant you to become a preacher. You must be called by God Himself because He knows how He will separate you from the world, sanctify you and make you well annointed for His work.

The following Bible verses tells us much about who is supposed to be a harbinger of the word of God to the world.

Romans 1:1

"From Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ. God chose me to be an apostle, and he appointed me to preach the good news."

Here, Paul is declaring to the Church of Rome that he was called and appointed by God to preach the Good news. He did not become a self proclaimed preacher but rather, he was chosen by God to serve Him.Your education is not your success in terms of the word of God, even Paul had more than 42 degrees in law. But he chose to empty his mind so that God may use him as a a vessel.

1 Corinthians 26-27

"My dear friends, remember what you were when God chose you. The people of this world didn't think that many of you were wise. Only a few of you in places of power, and not many of you came from important families. But God chose the foolish things of this world to put the wise to shame. He chose the weak things of this world to put the powerful to shame. "

God does not consider your prestigious status when He decides to choose who to serve him. He has chosen the unwise people to do his work, He chose the weak people to do His marvelous work.

Therefore, don't think that your education and whichever the certificates you have will give you a favour to serve Him. God wants you to empty your brain which is full of earthly knowledge so that He can fill you with His Heavenly knowledge.

Acts 14 :23

"Paul and Barnabas chose some leaders for each of the churches. Then they went without eating and prayed that the Lord would take good care of these leaders."

Did Paul and Barnabas carried out the elections to appoint the leaders? No, no they just chose and went before the lord to approve them.

The problem with our churches nowadays,is that they choose people who are well abled, who are well educated or rich. This is not a procedure on how to choose the servant of God. God has the final say in everything, and if you will have to do on your own, the church will collapse due to unrebuked sins among the believers.

Ephesians 3:8

"Iam the least important of all God's people. But God was kind and chose me to tell the Gentiles that because of Christ there are blessings that cannot be measured."

If you follow closely with the life of St. Paul, you will realize that he was a great opposer of God's word. But God decided to use Him instead. Therefore, your status or your past life does not matter, God is God and He is ready to forgive you so that you may serve Him again.

Ephesians 6:16-18

A servant of God is always prayerful, He always yearn to pray for other people who are either on the side of God or not.

2 Corinthians 2:16

You don't need an invitation so that you may serve the Lord. No one has really WHT it takes to serve the lord. It is just through his grace and mercy.

I Corinthians 1:21

"God was wise ans decided not to let the people of this world use their wisdom to learn about Him."

You cannot learn about God especially in these so called theology schools. God is beyond our human knowledge, He does what He wants. Let us stop seeking education in the name of working for God. He does whatever He wants, just seek him.

Romans 10:17

"No cannot have faith without hearing the message about Christ."

Jesus is the true fountain of knowledge, seek Him and your services will ever dissapoint you.

Matthew 10:38

"And unless you are willing to take up your cross and come with me, you are not fit to be my desciple."

Following Jesus requires total sacrifice. Be ready to carry any load That you have and follow Him. Tell me are these panda mbegu pastors doing the right thing? The time will tell.

Therefore, my friend don't be fooled that the work of God needs to be schooled so that you may attain all the qualifications. God is the one who chooses whoever He wishes to serve under His command.

Many people have started churches in the name of being called by God, are they sincere in their words? The time will tell. God bless you all the times.

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