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Importance of prayer in our lives.

Most of us know what a prayer is, what praying is. It is a way that us humans communicate with God. According to the Bible, which is a Christian spiritual guidance book we have various definitions of a prayer, which include: Drawing near to God, pouring one's soul to God,crying out to the heavens and worshipping God. The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 "Pray at all times". There is no any specific formula for praying in the bible but it is important to to do it and we can do it under any or all circumstances.

The Various importance of prayers include:

i) Prayer protects us.

When in danger or dilemmas or under any evil attacks, prayer protects us from all this. In the bible when Daniel was thrown in the Den of Lions he prayed and God protected him, same to Paul and Silas, and many prophets in the bible, they all prayed in times of trouble and God protected them.

ii) Prayer draws us close to God.

Being close to God in our lives is a good thing, when you are with God you have the strength to face even the hardest of all circumstances, because God will be there to take us through all of it. We only have to call upon Him in truth, as in Psalms145:18

iii)Prayer heals us from all pain

God cares about our whole being, body, soul and spirit, whether we are in need of physical, emotional or spiritual healing He knows and He cares and will always hear our cries and heal all our pains.

iv)Prayer makes us spiritually strong

A prayer can get you through tough times in a very unexpected way, and bit by bit strengthening an individual

v)Prayer keeps us in the will of God

Through prayers we are constantly in touch with God's plan for our lives, which is Him wanting the very best for us. Prayers prevents us from diverting from His ways.

vi) Prayer gives us victory.

God gives us victory through his son Jesus Christ. When we succeed, it is God who makes the victory possible. We overcome anger, bitterness and hatred in our hearts through prayers and that is victory.

vii) Prayer makes us less selfish

When we selflessly pray oftenly, God's will is exalted over our own desires and with time our selfishness can shed off as we consider other people's needs too, because God answers our prayers without being selfish.

viii)Prayer gives us hope

Amidst challenges and hardships, relying on God gives us hope and lets us give Him a chance to take care of us through the difficulties.

ix) Prayer makes us happy

A prayer makes things feel right, not that it instantly solves your problems but it can change your view of life, it can turn a negative feeling into a positive one and turn sad thoughts into happier ones.

Let us always pray and keep in touch with God for great life.

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