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Is Burning A Church A Sin? This Is What Will Happen To You If You Intentionally Burn

Church burning down in Missouri, USA in April 2021.[image credit/]

Instances of people burning places of worship is rare, but they do happen. Churches are for christians as Mosques are for Muslims. All religious places, according to the Hague Convention are regarded as cultural places.

In 1992, Fantoft Stave Church in Bergen—Norway met its fete after it was razed down by a church arson, identified as Varg Vikernes. Mr Varg was a member of the Black metal band. In 2019, a Louisiana man named Holden Matthews burned down a number of churches in Louisiana —USA in order to raise his profile among the 'Black Metal' band mucisians.

On 18th April 2021, a homeless man in Cape Girardeau, Missouri burned down a church. He would later be charged and sentenced for hate crimes and for being an arson.

But is it a sin to burn down places of worship including church?

According to The Hague Convention, cultural places should be protected even during conflict and military action against such places is prohibited. For individuals or parties that shall breach this rule, High Contracting parties shall undertake "All necessary actions to prosecute, impose penal or disciplinary sanction" on an individual irrespective of his/her nationality.

Mr Holden Matthews was charged in Lafayette District Court and found guilty of violating Church Arson Prevention Act, and one count of commiting federal felony. Apart from being ordered to pay nearly 2.5 Million USD to the affected churches, he was sentenced for 25 years. His sentencing is one of the case study of what will happen if you try to destroy places of worship or other cultural places.

In your own view, what should happen to those individuals who Intentionally raze down places of worship? Kindly share with us your views in the comments section below.

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