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Five Facts about the islamic hijab

1.Hijab is not only the scarf That the muslim women wear,hijab is also the way someone acts,thinks or treats others aside from wearing the physical scarf.

2.There are different forms of hijab. The shape of the scarf over the head differs from person to person some choose to cover their faces as well, and some only choose to dress modestly while still showing their hair.These are all forms of hijab.

3.Hijab also applies to men Because the overarching meaning of hijab is to live one’s live modestly with love for God, the hijab also applies to men.In muslim community, men also strive to wear the hijab both physically and mentally every day.The men’s physical hijab however focuses more on covering the lower body and not the hair or upper body.

4.Muslims cannot take off muslim hijab infront of anyone unless they are related by blood eg family members.

5.The hijab is a choice to most muslims they are not forced to wear it.In fact the majority of them choose to wear it and are in love with their hijab, and are completely free to choose when and how to wear the scarf.

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