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Heartbreaking, Check the story of a 12 year old boy who preaches to provide for grandmother and dad.

Jacob Nestor who is only 12 years old has gone through what most of us will never want to go through.At early teenage he is forced to preach in the market instead of going to school.

It is not a choice but due to unavoidable circumstances.Jacob's father and grandmother are ailing and he is their only hope.He has to preach so as to earn a coin and provide for them.

Jacob Nestor is from Chavakali but travels as far as Kisumu and Kakamega while preaching in cars and market places to earn a living for his family.

It is something that Jacob has never taught of doing at such a tender age.He says that he has only two choices,to stay home hungry or to go and preach and earn something.

Jacob prays for people and request them to support him with anything they can.He added that he is given as little as 5 bob which he assemble and take home.

He adds that his grandmother usually blesses whatever he brings home at the end of the day.Jacob dropped out of school after his uncle took him to a special school yet he was not physically disabled.

His mother died when he was young and his relatives have been hiding the truth from him until his grandmother revealed the truth.Jacob does not intend of stopping soon until he gets a solution.

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