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The Only Man Who Fought Against God But Never Died

Jacob the son of Isaac is the only person in the bible who fought against God and never died. Jacob had a confrontation with God whom some versions of the bible refer to as the angel of God, while fighting against the angel, Jacob refused to let the angel go without blessing him. It is at this point where Jacob's name was changed to Israel.

Jacob's story fighting with the angel is well narrated by the bible in the book of Genesis 32:22-32. According to the bible, the angel of God broke Jacob's hip bone as he struggled to free himself as daybreak got closer. Jacob was then blessed by the angel of God and Jacob later named the place Peniel.

He still remains the only man to fight with the angel of God, also referred to as God Himself in other biblical versions. The story of Jacob is widely narrated in the book of Genesis where the bible describes him as a shrewd man.

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