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Prayer for Finances

Financial crises can quickly cause worry and doubt to creep into your life. Here are the most powerful Prayers for Finances.

Prayer for deliverance from financial oppression.

Heavenly father, according to your word, your desire is for your children to call out to you for help when they are being oppressed. This is the reason I am crying out to you today; my finances are oppressing me almost to the point of desperation. I feel as if I am fighting an enemy bigger than myself and I need your help to be able to move forward. I pray for your deliverance from my current financial concerns and my spiritual battle. Amen.

Prayer for resources.

Mighty God, your word tells me that you have everything at your disposal to use for your purposes. You have within your grasp anything I could ever need. Right now, Lord, my need is to find a way out of my current financial problems. I come before you because your word promises that you are the giver of all good things. I know that you love me, and your will is for me to prosper, so I ask if you would make a way for me to resolve this situation. Amen.

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