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Why You Should Have Faith But Do Not Act Foolishly

That woman that was having an obstructed labour, was told by her doctor that she needed a CS to save her baby and her life; but she insistently told the doctor that her pastor said that she would deliver like the Hebrew women.

While doctor was trying to convince her to enter the theater to perform that life saving operation, she opted for her church, where miracles happen, instead of entering the theater.

At her church, nothing happened, until they got to the point that both the man if God and his prayer warriors realized that their foolishness which they classified as faith wouldn't save that woman.

So they rushed her back to the hospital. According to the doctor, before she was rushed back, baby was already dead because she had a uterine rupture, and this caused excessive bleeding in the uterus, and subsequent removal of the uterus. As it stands, that child was supposed to be her first child.

Now, a man of God made her buy foolishness with the name of faith pasted on it. She lost her child and her womb. Most problems we have will be solved the day we know the difference between faith and foolishness.

To abandon the drugs prescribed your medical doctor for the anointed olive oil prescribed by your man of God, is not a sign of faith; it is a visible sign of foolishness. To take your mentally challenged brother or sister to a prayer ministry.

Where a prophetess will bind him or her with chains, and then be administering dosage of prayers, instead of taking him or her to a psychiatrist hospital where adequate medical attention will be given to him him or her, even as you continue to pray for him or her, is to show that you have become a foolish fool, not a man of faith.

To pay for your man of God to lay hands on you is to show how low you have fallen in your faith. The day you pay #200k for a miraculous handkerchief, #19k to buy holy water or for coffin so that your prophet will bury all your enemies in it, that day you have joined the gang of fools who call foolishness faith.

The day you abandon common sense to handover your brain to a man or woman of God, is the day you become a fool, and they will use you to buy cars, build mansions and train their children. Remember, the distance to God is shorter than the distance to any man of God... Quote me anywhere!


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